Middle School Readiness

Coordinator: Beth Uden (eauden@olatheschools.org) Kelsey Casey (klcasey@olatheschools.org)

Who: Students that are current 5th graders and will be entering 6th grade in the fall 

When: Each camp will meet for 1.5 hours on two different dates.  Two different camp sessions will be offered so you get to pick the week that works best for you! 

Where: Prairie Trail Middle School 

Cost: $60 (cost is for one session, a total of 3 hours over two dates)

Is your child starting at Prairie Trail Middle School next year? 

Are you interested in calming their nerves and helping them with a smooth transition? 

Come to Middle School Readiness Camp at PRT this summer! 

Kelsey Casey, an elective teacher at Prairie Trail Middle School, and Beth Uden, a former PRT math teacher for 17 years, will host the camp this summer. Both teachers have helped with 6th grade transitions, coached sports at PRT for many years, and taken on many other leadership roles as well. They are passionate about kids and want to help make this a great year for all students! 

At camp, students will make connections with other kids while making sure they feel comfortable finding their way around the school. They will walk mock schedules, learn how to open PE lockers, get some tips to stay organized, and familiarize themselves with PRT. 

Thank you!

Kelsey Casey and Beth Uden


Payments to:

Venmo: @Beth-Uden